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Chongqing aihuazi English training school Yu 1998 established, 15 adhering to "for Chinese provides better, and more shortcut learning English method" of purposes came to China, original of "three stage multiple learning method", Chongqing English training, and Chongqing English training institutions, and Chongqing English training school, and Chongqing learn English, and Chongqing English training price, and Chongqing English oral training, and Chongqing children English training, and Chongqing English training which home good, and Chongqing business English training, and Chongqing adult English training combined global well-known of English learning system developers and leader--from United States Silicon Valley of advanced teaching software after 20 years in global more than 70 multiple national success of practice experience, and in China economic most active of Shanghai, and Beijing...

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